What Is an Easy Way to Make Wine?


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An easy way to make wine requires a gallon jug, 2 pints of honey and a cake of yeast. Once the ingredients are mixed, the liquid is stored and takes approximately two weeks to mature into wine.

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The gallon jug needs to be cleaned thoroughly with soap, not detergent, and rinsed first with baking soda water and then clear water. The recipe requires at least 1.5-pints of honey but adding both pints makes the wine stronger. The remainder of the jug is filled with warm water and the two ingredients are shaken together until mixed. A pack or cake of yeast is added last and the jug is left uncapped in a sink overnight because the yeast causes the fluid to foam over the opening.

Once the foam recedes enough to cap the jug, a cap is added that allows gas to escape the jug but prevents air from entering and turning the mixture into vinegar. One approach is running a plastic or rubber hose through a hole in a cork that runs down into a glass or bowl of water. This allows the gas inside the jug to flow out of the tube without air or water running back up the hose into the jug.

The jug needs approximately two weeks to brew but time varies. The wine is ready when the bubbles and gas stop flowing through the tube. The wine is transferred into bottles that can be corked and is ready for consumption at any time.

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