What Are Some Easy Valentine's Day Crafting Projects?


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Some easy Valentine's Day crafting projects include a heart wreath, heart garland, heart coasters and Valentine boxes. These crafts require only a few supplies and are simple enough for kids.

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What Are Some Easy Valentine's Day Crafting Projects?
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To make a heart wreath, cardstock, decorative paper, scissors and glue are needed. Cut the cardstock in the shape of a heart. Cut another heart out of the center of the cardstock. Cut small hearts from the decorative paper. Glue the miniature hearts in a layered arrangement on the cardstock to complete the wreath.

Supplies needed to make heart garland include ribbon, scrapbook paper, scissors and a hole punch. Cut the scrapbook paper in heart shapes of the same size. Punch two holes near the center of each heart. Space the holes about an inch apart. Thread the ribbon through the holes to create the garland.

Heart coasters are made with craft foam, acrylic paint, glue and scissors. Draw heart shapes in small and medium sizes on the craft foam. Cut out the medium sized hearts for the coasters, and the smaller hearts for decorating. Finish the coasters by gluing on the smaller hearts and painting.

Valentine boxes require a cardboard box, construction paper, glitter, scissors and glue. Trace each side of the box on construction paper. Cut out the traced squares and glue them on each side of the box to cover it. Cut heart shapes from a piece of construction paper. Decorate the Valentine box by adding heart-shaped cut-outs and glitter.

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