What Are Some Easy-to-Understand Rules for Croquet?


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Some easy-to-understand croquet rules are to split the players up into two teams, assign one team to use the blue and black balls and the other to use the yellow and red balls, flip a coin to determine which team makes the first play, and place the first ball 3 feet south of the first wicket. Earn a bonus stroke by successfully hitting the ball through the wicket, or end your turn by missing the wicket.

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Earn two bonus strokes if your ball ends a stroke in a state where it is resting against the ball of another player. Use the first of the two bonus strikes in one of several ways: a mallet-head shot, a foot or hand shot, or a croquet shot. Use your second bonus strike as a normal strike attempt to pass your ball through the appropriate wicket. A striker can never earn more than two bonus strikes, and bonus strikes do not accumulate during a player's turn.

Remove the colored clip that corresponds to your ball from a wicket when you successfully pass your ball through it, and place your clip on the next wicket following the right path. Win the game by having your team hit the finishing stake with both balls before the other team gets there.

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