What Are Some Easy Trivia Questions and Answers?

Some easy trivia questions and answers are those based on well-known facts and basic information considered common knowledge; in other words, information that's taught early, reinforced often, and rarely unknown or forgotten by the average person; for example, "Who was the first U.S. president?" Many people likely know that the answer is "George Washington." Another basic question: "What does the acronym 'FBI' stand for?" The correct response is "Federal Bureau of Investigation."

Other easy trivia questions are those using frequently repeated phrases, mottoes or sayings that are planted in the public consciousness; for example, "An apple a day prevents visits from whom?" The correct answer is "The doctor."

Pop culture is a plentiful resource with seemingly endless numbers of slogans, catch-phrases, tag lines and movie quotes. Many could field relatively easy TV-related questions such as, "What show coined the memorable exclamation, 'Bazinga'?" or, "Who lived in a 'van down by the river'?" The respective responses are "The Big Bang Theory" and Chris Farley's Matt Foley character from "Saturday Night Live."

A sample question using a well-known movie-related phrase is, "Who concluded his Oscar acceptance speech with the phrase, 'I'm king of the world'?" It was "Titanic" director James Cameron. Another relatively easy possibility: "Beginning in 1989, what phrase replaced 'And the winner is' on the Academy Awards?" The new, more sensitive phrase is, "And the Oscar goes to..."