What Are Easy Things You Can Build With LEGOs?


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Simple things you can build with LEGOs include a small house, a favorite animal, a plane or a car. LEGOs are toy building blocks that are fun for all ages because anyone can build nearly anything that they can think of.

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The fun with LEGOs comes with the creativity and imagination of the builder. Anyone can build a house however they imagine just by putting pieces together. To build an animal, collect similar pieces and put them together to the shape of the animal. For extra fun, add standout features to the animals, like the eyes or the stripes of a tiger. Two long plates can make the wings of a plane, and a builder only needs four wheels and something to go on top in order to make a car. Creations can range from simple ideas to complex ones, such as favorite actors and characters from movies, like Keanu Reeves or Iron Man with his Hulkbuster armor. To further the idea of bringing movies into the LEGO world, builders can create scenes from a show or recreate an iconic movie poster. Other building ideas include usable creations like key chains and mobile device holders for a desktop. There are an unlimited number of ideas for LEGO creations. Just start with one piece, connect it to another, and see where an imaginative mind can take the creation.

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