What Are Easy Stitches for a Knitted Dishcloth Pattern?


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Garter stitch and seed stitch are two easy stitches to use in dishcloth patterns. Both stitches produce a reversible and textured fabric, which is convenient for washing dishes.

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To produce the garter stitch pattern, the knitter simply knits every stitch on every row. The seed stitch pattern is only slightly more difficult, as the knitter alternates between knit and purl stitches. Other easy stitch patterns, which include only knit and purl stitches, are the rib stitch, the moss stitch and the King Charles stitch. More difficult stitch patterns include slip stitches, lace and cables.

Square patterns worked along the width of the fabric are the easiest for beginners, because they require no increasing or decreasing stitches. More difficult patterns include those that are worked on the bias, from corner to corner, or those that create different shapes, such as octagons, circles and hearts. Both KnitPicks.com and DishandWashClothMania.com provide free dishcloth patterns.

Knitted dishcloth projects are small, portable and quick to make. Most patterns require approximately 100 yards of fiber, making them a good way to use scrap yarn. Recommended fibers for knitted dishcloths are cotton and cotton blends. Lion Brand Yarns, Knit Picks and Red Heart all produce yarns designed specifically for dishcloths.

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