What Are Some Easy Rug Patterns to Crochet?

What Are Some Easy Rug Patterns to Crochet?

Two easy rug patterns to crochet are a simple, multicolored round rug and a small or large scale big-stitch round rug. A rectangular shag rug is another pattern that is easy to crochet. Made of scrap denim fabric, the denim dust-catcher rug is made from another very easy crochet pattern.

The simple round rug at Freevintagecrochet.com is a 33-inch diameter rug made of multicolored concentric circles. A thatch of matching yarn fringe extends beyond the border of the rug. Crafters can crochet this bright and cheery rug using up to seven different colors of heavy yarn.

A big stitch rug made with bulky alpaca yarn can be made up in either a 42- or 70-inch diameter. This pattern is similar to one used to make a potholder. Simple single crochet stitches are set in rounds to make this soft, cozy rug.

The modern shag rug is a 20-inch-by-30-inch rectangle with a simple sequence of repeating stripes. Made with varying hues in the same color family, this rug catches the eye with a mix of bulky and medium weight yarns.

The denim dust catcher rug uses both yarn and scraps of old denim shirts or jeans as its materials. Its shaggy casual look makes it a fun bedroom rug that is also fun for beginners to make.