What Are Some Easy Patterns for Weaving Monk's Cloth?

What Are Some Easy Patterns for Weaving Monk's Cloth?

Patterns for weaving monk's cloth are available at eHow.com and NordicNeedle.net. The pattern at eHow.com requires a loom, cotton warp, heddles and a shuttle. Measure the warp according to the loom's size and style. Set the thread so that there are four threads per dent, then skip a dent and repeat. When all of the threads are set up, fasten the ends to a tension bar.

Comb through the warp to separate the threads. Work any twists down towards the bottom of the warp, as they create lumps in the finished cloth.

Set the shuttle with the same fiber as the warp, and use a basket weave with groups of four strands to create the fabric. To create a closed outer edge, loop the weft around the end of the warp fibers.

Knot the warp at the bottom of the cloth so that it doesn't slip away. Complete the knot before removing the fabric from the loom. Tie off the remaining warp once the fabric has been removed.

When using monk's cloth for needlework, wash it before beginning to stitch it. The cloth shrinks by around 15 percent when it is first washed, as the process tightens up the threads. If the cloth must be cut, sew across the cut edge with a sewing machine to stop the cloth from falling apart.