What Are Some Easy Magic Tricks Using Chemistry?

Easy chemistry-themed magic tricks include "Abraca-chicken" and "the mysterious burning money trick." Another trick involves changing liquids into different colors and then back again. For a large selection of experiments, Amazon.com offers books geared toward educational magic tricks, such as "Chemagic: 50 Chemistry Classics and Magical Tricks."

An easy chemistry trick from Kidzone is one called "Abraca-chicken." A chemical reaction between the acetic acid in vinegar and the calcium carbonate in a chicken bone allows the magician to tie a knot in the bone.

Another great trick is "the mysterious burning money trick," found in the chemistry section on About.com. This trick makes use of the flammability of alcohol and the high specific heat of water. A dollar bill becomes doused in the alcohol-water solution and does not burn, even though it catches fire. Different solutes or other chemicals can also be added to color the flame.

A third trick that is a little more complicated involves the magician appearing to pour a clear liquid into several beakers, thereby changing the color of each liquid. Then, the magician uses a sponge to take away the colors in each beaker. Again, the magician goes back and stirs each beaker with the sponge, and the colors reappear. This trick demonstrates acid-base reactions using pH indicators hidden in the glasses and sponge. YouTube user Tom Kuntzleman demonstrates the trick in a video as of 2015.