What Are Some Easy Ideas for Face Painting?

What Are Some Easy Ideas for Face Painting?

Some easy ideas for face painting include a tiger face, superhero, princess, fairy and the alter ego of rockstar David Bowie, Ziggy Stardust. Another easy idea for face painting is the Incredible Hulk.

To begin a tiger face, paint orange underneath the eyes and on the forehead. Paint the eyebrows white, and then add some black stripes around the edges of the orange paint.

For Ziggy Stardust, create a large orange Z shape that goes from the forehead to the earlobe. Add a smaller stripe of purple to the top of the orange stripe, and then add a blue accent on the bottom. For the Incredible Hulk, simply paint the entire face green, and add some black marks to portray the superhero's rage.

For a simple superhero design, paint a colored mask shape around the eyes. Outline the entire mask shape in black. Outline the eyes in black and make "angry" eyebrows using a sideways "s" shape.

For an easy princess design, paint a pink crown shape on the forehead with a purple jewel in the center and three teardrop shapes at the bottom. Outline all in black. Draw black eyelashes at the corner of each eye.

For the fairy design, paint a band over the eyes with silver paint. Blend pink paint from the eyelids toward each temple. Draw a simple flower under one eye with two black swirls around the flower.