What Are Some Easy Homemade Craft Projects for Young Kids?


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Some homemade craft ideas for kids include a baby bird nest, a paper plate banjo and spoon puppets. These simple crafts help encourage kids’ creativity and can be made using ordinary household items.

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Kids can create their own baby bird nests using a paper plate, some cotton balls and popsicle sticks. First, have kids cut a paper plate in half and staple the two halves together, leaving the top of the “nest” open. Next, kids can paint the nest brown and glue shredded paper to the outside for texture. Gluing cotton balls or pompoms to the end of Popsicle sticks creates the birds, which can also be decorated with googly eyes and paper beaks. Kids can slide the Popsicle sticks into the nest to have the baby birds rest.

For a paper plate banjo, kids should stack two thick paper plates together and staple them around the edges. They can then glue a paint stick to the back of the plates to serve as the banjo’s neck. Rubber bands around the plates serve as strings, and kids can also decorate the body of the instrument however they see fit.

For spoon puppets, kids simply need to draw whatever sort of characters they want on the surfaces of thick paper plates. They can then cut out the images and glue them to the handles of spoons. Performing from behind the sofa is an ideal choice for a spoon puppet show.

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