What Are Some Easy Homemade Christmas Crafts?


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There are many Christmas crafts that can easily be made right at home, such as homemade tree ornaments and corsages. Other things, such as garland, require very little work and can be made with household supplies.

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Tree ornaments can be made from common items laying around the house. Old toys can be fastened to string using glue or tape. Old cookie cutters can be glued with Christmas images on the inside and then hung with twine. Paint-by-numbers pictures can also be illustrated, cut with a stencil, hole-punched and then fastened easily with twine as well.

Christmas-themed corsages can also be made from simple supplies. To make a homemade corsage, print out templates for leaves, and then cut rectangular pieces of wool cloth for each leaf. With an iron set to a wool setting, the cloth can be creased, cut and then glued together to fashion a corsage design. The process is quick and easy and, with supervision, children can make them as well.

Garland for popcorn and berries can also easily be made using dental floss. Because this floss is strong and waxed, it will smoothly pass through the bits of food. Making garland is also possible in this manner, using a needle threaded with dental floss to connect the sections together.

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