What Are Some Easy Holiday Crafts Using Pine Cones?


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Make holiday ornaments by spraying the pine cones white or gold and attaching ribbon to the top. Another easy option is to purchase a clear plastic snap sphere from a craft store. Place a pine cone and other natural elements, such as needles and acorns, inside to create a see-through ornament. For simple place card holders, dip only the bottom halves of the pine cones in paint. Position the pinecones sideways, and sit the cards between their scales.

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Create a flower bloom from pine cone scales that you can use as a decorative ornament on napkin holders, candle votives, stockings and cards. Using fresh or craft scales, glue a layer of pine cones pieces around the edge of a small circle backing, such as cardboard or card stock. Continue layering upward and inward with smaller scales until the bloom is complete at the center.

Pinecones make a versatile base for animal figures that are useful for decoration or place cards. Create a bird by using large craft scales for the wings and tail, an acorn for the head and craft wire for the legs and feet. Paint the pieces red for a holiday-themed cardinal or finch. Create a turkey using craft feathers for a tail and a pipe cleaner for the head. Position the pine cone upright with an acorn head and paint the fronts of both pieces white to create a frosty penguin. Use large scales for the wings and feet.

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