What Are Some Easy-to-Follow Steps to Solve a Rubik's Cube?


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The layer method involves solving the Rubik's cube's top layer, then solving the middle and bottom layers. The first step is solving the first layer's cross and corners, then solving the middle layer. Finally the bottom layer is solved, starting with the corners and finishing with the edges.

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Choose a face of the cube that acts as the top layer. Arrange the cube so that the color's four edge pieces are in place, then turn the cube over and solve the corners. When the first layer is finished, one face is all one color, while the faces around it also have one color around one edge.

For the middle layer, algorithms help the solver work out what must be moved. Only one algorithm is required to solve the middle layer; however, the directions in each step may need to be reversed to complete the layer.

Completing the final layer involves more use of algorithms to permute and orient the corners and the edges. There are different patterns and algorithms that help solve different problems.

Some websites offer diagrams of the various algorithms, while others, such as the official Rubik's site, include photographs and detailed explanations for each stage of the process.

Beginners need to remember which color is opposite which color on the cube and to practice moving the faces in different directions.

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