What Are Some Easy-to-Follow Knitting Instructions for Beginners?


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Find some easy-to-follow knitting instructions for beginners at Simple-Knitting.com, QueenofDIY.com, CraftYarnCouncil.com and KnittingHelp.com. Learn how to knit with simple knitting instructions at Simple-Knitting.com. This website provides instructions for putting stitches onto the knitting needle, making the knit stitch, making purl stitches and binding off at the end of a knitting pattern.

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Find a beginner's guide to knitting at QueenofDIY.com. This website provides demonstrative pictures for each step of making a slip knot, casting on, the knit stitch, the purl stitch and casting off.

Learn how to read a knitting pattern at CraftYarnCouncil.com. This website contains an extensive chart of terms commonly used on knitting patterns to assist beginning knitters in reading these patterns. For example, "k" represents knit stitch, and "p" represents purl stitch. This website also contains beginning instructions for simple stitch patterns and example diagrams, as well.

Find free knitting patterns at KnittingHelp.com. This website separates knitting patterns into categories including knit clothing patterns, men's clothing, toys, stuffed animals, household knits and miscellaneous knitting patterns. This website also provides free knitting videos to teach beginner knitting technique, as well as a guide to common first projects. Find suggestions for the best yarn and needles for beginners, in addition to demonstrations of small projects.

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