What Are Some Easy Crochet Poncho Patterns?

Some simple to make crochet poncho patterns are the Easy Crochet Poncho available from Girlie's Crochet and the Easy Breezy Summer Poncho from Crochet 'n Crafts. Other patterns are the Crochet Ponchos designed by Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby and a child's poncho pattern, which is available from Maggie's Crochet.

The Easy Crochet poncho pattern from Girlie's Crochet includes a step by step photo tutorial. It is made with two stands of cotton thread and a size 00 crochet needle. The instructions for the Easy Breezy Summer Poncho describes how to adjust it to fit either adults or children. Work this pattern from the neck down.

Available in six different designs, the Crochet Ponchos pattern by Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby is available from the Leisure Arts website. The patterns call for medium weight yarn and direct the purchaser on how to make six different styles, such as the Rectangle Poncho, Round Poncho or Accent Panel Poncho.

Adjustable to children of different sizes, the Quick and Easy Ponchos Pattern from Maggie's Crochet is available for sale from that website. There are designs for three different ponchos and can be made by people with beginning to intermediate crochet skills. It calls for worsted weight yarn and uses various crochet hook sizes, such as F-5 and H-8.