What Are Some Easy Crochet Patterns for Pot Scrubbers?


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Some easy crochet patterns for pot scrubbers include a simple circular form made from nylon netting and a rectangular scrubber made from carpet yarn. The circular nylon scrubber requires a 9 millimeter hook, while the rectangular scrubber uses a 5 millimeter hook.

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To make the circular scrubber from nylon netting, take a yard of crinoline netting and cut it into strips 2 inches wide, tying the ends of each strip together to make one unbroken piece.

For round one, chain four stitches, slip the first stitch to form a ring, and chain three, then double crochet 11 in the ring, joining the circle. In round two, chain two, and then half double crochet into the same stitch. Continue around the circle until the half double crochets number 24, including the first two chains as a half double crochet. Join the circle, and fasten off. Complete a second circle in the same fashion, not fastening off this time. To attach the two circles together, put wrong sides against each other, and stitch through both all the way around, weaving in ends after finishing.

To make a rectangular scrubber with carpet yarn, chain 16. Double crochet along the line, starting with the third stitch in the chain, until the piece has 15 double crochets. Turn, repeating the same pattern for seven rows. At the end of the final row, chain seven, and slip the stitch in with the last stitch on the rectangle to create a loop to hang the scrubber. Finish and weave in ends.

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