What Are Some Easy Crochet Lessons for Beginners?


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“How to Hold a Crochet Hook” “How to Make a Slip Knot for Crochet” and “ How to Crochet a Chain Stitch” are some easy crochet lessons for beginners that are available on About.com. The basic requirements for beginners are crochet supplies, which include a crochet hook, fiber and scissors.

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Although there are different ways of holding a hook, crocheters usually fall into either the knife or pencil grip categories. Knife grippers use an overhand grip, which offers more control over the work and is comparable to cutting food with a knife. The pencil grip involves holding a crochet in the same manner as a person holds a pen. Pencil grippers have a similar control of their work as they would if holding a pencil or paintbrush.

The most basic stitches with which a beginner should become familiar are chain stitches. Chain stitches form the foundation upon which crochet projects are built. It is common to find chain stitches spread in between most crochet patterns.

The first step in crochet projects is making a slip knot. One of the basic approaches to making the slip knot involves grasping the yarn between thumb and index finger, which gives room for the yarn to move freely over the index finger.

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