What Are Some Easy Crafts to Do With a Toddler?

Easy crafts to do with toddlers include allowing them to scribble on or paint cut-out construction paper shapes. Toddlers can also "paint" construction paper with water, as the paper darkens when it is wet.

For another easy toddler craft, peel the backing off of a piece of contact paper, and allow the toddler to stick bits of colorful tissue or confetti onto it. When the craft is completed, put a second piece of contact paper over the design to keep it in place. Or, cut big shapes from construction paper, and give it to the child along with stickers peeled from the sheet. Let the child place the stickers anywhere on the paper.

To make paper bag faces, find old magazines or newspapers for the toddler to tear up, crumple and stuff into a paper bag. Once the bag is full, seal it with a rubber band and allow the toddler to paint a happy face on it. The toddler can then play with the filled bag.

For a popcorn picture, gather colorful construction paper, popped popcorn and a glue stick; the toddler can then rub the glue on the paper and stick popcorn to it to create a collage or image. Shake the popcorn in a paper bag along with tempera paint powder to create different colors for flower pictures.

To make a cloud collage, the toddler can glue strips of blue paper in different shades onto a blue backing. Next, he can glue clumps of cotton wool buds onto the collage to form clouds.

For an apple caterpillar picture, cut an apple in half and blot out excess moisture on a tea towel. The child can then dip it in paint, stamp it onto construction paper in a sequential pattern, and draw a face and legs for the caterpillar.