What Are Some Easy Crafts to Make?


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Some easy crafts to make include magnets, painted wall art, personalized coffee mugs, chalkboard signs and wine cork key rings. These crafts require minimal supplies, tools and experience to create.

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Homemade magnets are the easiest craft to make. Supplies needed include glue, decorations and craft magnets. Decoration ideas to make these magnets include jewelry such as lockets or brooches, small kids' toys, nature items such as rocks or sticks, coins, and household items such as metal caps. These decorations create a new look when painted or sealed. To construct the magnets, simply glue the decorations to the magnets and wait for the glue to dry.

Make chalkboard signs easily with only a picture frame, chalkboard paint and a regular paint brush. Remove the glass from the frame and paint it with the chalkboard paint, wait for it to dry, and replace the glass. The painted glass is now the writing surface. Change the look by painting the frame a new color.

Supplies needed to make a wine cork key ring include a wine cork, a key ring and a small eye screw. Hand-turn the small eye screw into the cork, and then attach the key ring. Change the look or personalize the key ring by painting or carving the cork.

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