What Are Some Easy Crafts for Kids?


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Some easy crafts for kids include paper plate crafts, watercolor resist art, collages and puppets. The craft projects use basic materials and feature simple, easy-to-follow steps.

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What Are Some Easy Crafts for Kids?
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Paper plates work as the base of crafts such as homemade masks and flowers. For a mask, cut eye holes and let the child decorate the mask to look like an animal, person or make-believe creature. A piece of elastic or a string to tie in the back holds the paper plate mask in place.

For a paper plate flower, cut the edges of the plate to look like flower petals. The kids paint the plate to make it look like a flower. Other options include gluing tissue paper or glitter to decorate the flowers.

A watercolor resist starts with white paper and a white crayon. The child draws a picture with the crayon on the paper. She paints over the entire sheet with watercolor paint. The image appears because the paint won't soak in where the crayon lines are drawn.

Simple puppets are made from paper bags. The kids add details to the bag with markers, crayons, paint or construction paper. Another option is to cut the shapes of the puppets from paper and glue them to craft sticks.

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