What Are Some Easy Crafting Recipes for Minecraft?


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Some easy crafting recipes for Minecraft include the recipes for the workbench, chest, bed, pick axe and shovel. Each recipe uses small amounts of resources in the shape of the item being made. For instance, a pick axe requires two sticks forming the handle and three stones forming the blade.

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Crafting recipes in Minecraft come in many types, including basic recipes, tool recipes, mechanism recipes, block recipes and defense recipes. Other types include food, brewing, dyes and wool. Each recipe requires using the crafting grid, which is available from the player inventory. Some recipes are simple enough for the two-by-two grid, while others require the three-by-three grid that you can access using a work bench.

After acquiring the necessary resources and access to the proper crafting grid, arrange the resources in the recipe's required pattern. The same few resources may combine to form dozens of unique items under different grid patterns.

Some easy food recipes include cake, bread, pumpkin pie and cookie. The recipe for cake is three wheats as the base, two sugars with an egg in the center, and three milks on top. The recipe for bread is simply three wheats, and the recipe for cookies is two wheats with one chocolate in the center. Players can make pumpkin pie by combining one egg on the bottom left, one pumpkin on the middle left and one sugar in the middle.

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