What Are Some Easy Coin Magic Tricks?


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Easy coin magic tricks include the glass and coin trick, the balancing coin and the French Drop. Each trick requires sleight of hand to perform convincingly, which the magician cultivates through practice.

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In the glass and coin trick, the magician places a coin on a table, and then places an upturned glass over the coin, causing the coin to disappear. When the magician removes the glass, the coin reappears. The magician accomplishes this by cutting a circular piece of paper that is the same color as the table, and taping it to the mouth of the glass. The magician must conceal this paper while handling the glass. When the glass is on top of the coin, the paper covers the coin.

In the balancing coin trick, the magician opens his palm and balances a coin on the fingers, so the coin is standing on its edge. To make the coin stand, the magician places a small sewing pin between his fingers and uses the pin to hold the coin.

One of the most famous vanishing coin tricks is the French Drop. For this trick, the magician holds a coin in one hand and grabs it with the other. When he opens that hand, the coin isn't there. To make the coin vanish, the magician simply drops it into his palm during the "grab," so he's actually not grabbing anything.

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