What Is an Easy Clue Scroll?

In the RuneScape game, an easy clue scroll is a Treasure Trails activity that allows players to follow a set of clues for level one rewards. Players randomly receive clue scrolls while battling monsters. Easy scrolls don't require players to visit dangerous locations or fight opponents.

Level one clue scrolls are the most straightforward and provide the least valuable rewards. For example, the clue might instruct players to search a crate in a specific place, perform emotes while wearing specific clothing or dig at a location pictured on a map. At the end of the clue trail, players find a casket containing their rewards, such as gold coins, wizard robes or black armor.

Easy clue scrolls are randomly dropped by low-level creatures during combat. Level-one challenges offer simple, danger-free tasks in safe areas. For example, players may have to search crates in a merchant's shop, dig at a location pictured on a map, or solve a math problem. After following a string of clues, players typically receive their rewards in a casket. No minimum requirements are necessary, and players are only permitted to have one scroll at a time.