What Are Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids?


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Some easy Christmas crafts for kids include making stockings to be filled by Santa, making a ribbon tree and creating peppermint ornaments. These activities require only a few basic crafting items.

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What Are Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids?
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One tasty activity kids can do is make their own peppermint ornaments. They need peppermint candies, red-hot cinnamon candies, icing, and ribbon or string. Kids lay five peppermints side-by-side in a wreath and glue them together with white icing. Then, kids glue five cinnamon candies at the junction in which two peppermints touch. Finally, the kids glue the string or ribbon to the ornament. The ornament needs to dry thoroughly before hanging.

Making Christmas stockings is another fun project for kids. This easy craft requires knee socks, glue, ribbon and felt. The kids use dressy, colorful kneesocks for the stockings. They can even add striped material at the top to make the stockings longer. Then, they only have to cut the first letter of their name from a colored piece of felt and glue it to a tag cut from a cream or white piece of felt. Finally, they attach the tag to the sock with some ribbon and attach a loop of ribbon to the top of the sock by which it hangs from the fireplace.

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