What Are Some Easy Christmas Craft Ideas?


Some easy Christmas craft ideas include making wreaths out of felt, crafting snowmen out of cotton balls, creating custom snow globes, and making Christmas trees out of household items, such as Popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners or construction paper. Other ideas include making custom ornaments out of personal items or kits.

To make a wreath out of felt, gather green felt to use as the base of the wreath and other colors to use for the ornaments. Cut the felt into a large circle with a smaller circle in the middle, then snip the outsides to create fringe that represents the leaves. Cut ornaments out of the other felt and glue them to the wreath. White felt is also useful for making snowmen designs, as are cotton balls. Another use for cotton balls is as snow in a Christmas drawing or collage.

The process for making a custom ornament varies depending on its design. One process includes printing out pictures of the different members in the family and creating Christmas outfits for them, then gluing a string to the top behind the head. It is also possible to paint blank Christmas bulbs to include holiday themes or people's names. To create a snow globe, glue a figure to the inside of a jar lid, then fill the jar with water and glitter.