What Are Some Easy Children's Face Painting Designs?

What Are Some Easy Children's Face Painting Designs?

Easy children's face-painting designs include a clown, mermaid, tiger, lion and a dragon. The Parenting and Made For Mums websites provide step-by-step instructions and videos on how to paint these designs.

To paint a mermaid design, apply blue face paint onto the eyes and forehead. Paint a white shell between the eyes, add scales to the blue forehead and line with black face paint. Paint a black line on the eyelid and at the corner of the eye to represent long eyelashes.

For a lion design, paint white around the eyes and mouth then paint the rest of the face yellow. Create a brown border around the outside of the yellow paint, then use black paint to add a lion nose, mouth, whiskers, eyebrows and mane.

Start the dragon design by painting the eyes, nose, cheeks and top lip green. Add horns and fangs to the brows, cheeks and mouth with white paint. Color the nose black, add scales to the cheeks and outline the outer part of the nose with black paint. Add highlights to the design with white paint.

When face painting, be sure to use a paint that is nontoxic and easily washable for safety and an easy cleanup.