What Are Some Easy Card Tricks for Beginners?


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Some easy card tricks for beginners include the Double Lift, the Pinky Break, the Elmsley Count, the One-Handed Cut and the False Cut. These card tricks teach fundamental skills for any emerging magician or anyone who wishes to move on to more advanced card tricks in the future.

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What Are Some Easy Card Tricks for Beginners?
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The Double Lift involves lifting two cards from the deck at once, but making them appear as a single card. The Pinky Break refers to when the magician uses his pinky finger to mark where a spectator drew a card from the deck or to gain better control of the deck when performing any sleight of hand. The Elmsley Count is a technique used by a performer to hide certain cards in the deck and make the deck appear smaller. The performer uses the False Cut to give to give the appearance of shuffling a deck of cards, although the order of the cards actually remains the same.

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