What Are Some Easy Card Tricks?


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Some easy card tricks include floating and spinning a playing card in midair, levitating or floating a playing card, the magnetic hand and the spelling card trick. Some other easy card tricks are the reversed card, mind reader, the color card prediction and the quick change card trick.

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What Are Some Easy Card Tricks?
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A playing card, clear adhesive tape and black thread are needed to float and spin a playing card in midair. Attach one end of the thread to the back of the card in the center. Run the other end of the thread across the hand and anchor it somewhere on the body, preferably to a shirt button or a belt buckle. To anchor the thread, make a loop in the thread and wrap it around the button or tape it to the belt buckle. Experiment with the length of the thread until it is taunt when the arm is partially extended in front of the body. Place the thread between the first and second fingers, and leave enough thread hanging over the hand so that the card dangles about a foot below the hand when it is parallel to the floor. Those that are right-handed must run the thread over the left hand and launch the card using the right hand. Reverse the positioning of the card setup for those that are left-handed.

To perform the trick, grab the card with the dominant hand and launch it as if a Frisbee is being tossed. The spinning motion that is created when the card is tossed causes it to spin on the axis created by the thread taped to the center of the card. This causes the card to appear to float beneath the hand. To levitate the card, move the hand that is anchoring the string away from the body. This causes the string to tighten, making the card appear as if it is rising towards the extended hand. Catch the card when its momentum slows. Hold the card up to the audience so that they only see the front of the card without the thread.

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