What Are Some Easy Arts and Crafts for Seniors?


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From crafts that serve a function, such as gift baskets, photo frames and centerpieces, to crafts whose primary purpose is fun, senior citizens often love showcasing their talents and abilities while also practicing mindfulness in the artistic process. Other arts and crafts activities for seniors include soap decoupage, glass painting, dipping chocolates and holiday-themed crafts.

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Elders often enjoy helping and giving back to the community. Gift baskets foster this generosity while also remaining flexible so that the artist can personalize the basket. To make a gift basket, it is helpful to decide on a theme; some theme possibilities are bath and body, birthday, sports, get well and hobbies. Once a theme is established, a senior can brainstorm the contents of the basket: gift cards, recipes, ceramics, movies or food, among other things. If the artist is particularly social, she can also procure donations, especially if the basket or profits from the basket are donated to a good cause.

Seniors of nearly any artistic ability can learn to paint glass, and the final product can serve as functional or decorative, for one's self or as a gift. Glassware and stencils can be purchased at thrift stores, dollar stores or garage sales at inexpensive prices. Using a Filbert shaped paintbrush and acrylic or enamel paint, a design is painted onto the glass item. After drying the item for 48 hours, the artist can bake it on low heat for 15 minutes to set the paint. A finishing coat of special varnish is added, and the glass is left to dry.

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