What Are Some Easy Arts and Crafts for Kids to Make?

What Are Some Easy Arts and Crafts for Kids to Make?

Some examples of fun and easy crafts for kids include making homemade binoculars and a magic wand pencil. These crafts are appropriate for elementary school-aged kids.

To make homemade binoculars, begin by painting two cardboard toilet paper rolls. While they are drying, cut a light piece of cardboard into a 2-inch by 6-inch rectangle. When the rolls are fully dry, glue them to the piece of cardboard.

Add embellishments to the binoculars if desired. Use feathers, beads or sequins to decorate them with. To add a strap, glue a piece of yarn to the binoculars.

The magic wand pencil requires the eraser to be taken off the end of the pencil. Next, cut two pieces of silver star garland 8-inches long and cut 2 pieces of metallic chenille stem to a similar length.

Hold all of these pieces together and fold them in half. Pour some glue into the end of the pencil that the eraser was removed from. Then, pinch the folded end of the stems together, and push it into the end of the pencil.

A piece of chenille stem can be wrapped around the silver base of the pencil. The actual pencil can also be decorated, if desired.