What Is the Easiest Way to Solve a Rubik's Cube?


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The easiest way to solve a standard Rubik's cube is to follow seven basic steps: know your cube, solve the white cross, solve the white corners, solve the middle layer, solve the top layer, position the yellow corners correctly, and correctly place the center pieces. International scientists and Google engineers believe that all solutions to the more than 100,000 starting positions for the Rubik's cube take 20 moves or less.

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To know your cube, note that colors of the center pieces come in pairs. For example, yellow is opposite white, red is opposite orange, and blue is opposite green. There are 12 outer edge pieces in the middle rows, each having two colors, and eight corner pieces, each having three colors. To solve the white cross, start solving the cube by first making a white cross on the top face. This step makes it easy to solve the white corners, completed by arranging the white corner pieces, which all have one white side and two other colors.

After solving the middle layer, the color of the bottom two layers match. To solve the top layer, make a yellow cross on the top face of the cube and complete the yellow pieces. Position the yellow corners correctly by repeatedly twisting the yellow top face until at least two yellow corners are in the correct spot. Finally, twist until the center pieces are in the correct positions.

Invented by Hungarian Professor Erno Rubik in 1974, the hugely popular Rubik's cube has sold about 350 million cubes worldwide as of 2009.

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