What Is the Easiest Way to Solve a Cryptoquote Puzzle?


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The easiest way to solve a cryptoquote or cryptogram puzzle is to first solve any single letter words present, then move on to a frequency analysis for the most commonly used letter. By filling in the most obvious letters, one can begin to make connections between other letter combinations.

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Many ctrypoquote puzzles contain a single letter word, which makes them the best place to start due to the limited number of possible answers. The words "a" and "I" are the only single letter words in the English language, which gives solvers a perfect starting point. Once these words are filled in, the solver can begin filling in any other occurrence of that letter in the rest of the puzzle. This makes it easier to begin solving two letter words, as many contain either one of those letters.

After filling in as many spaces as possible using those letters, the next best step is use frequency analysis techniques. The most commonly used letters in the English language are "E," "T," "A," "O," "I" and "N" in that order. Frequency analysis refers to looking for possible spaces that can contain those letters based on the number of times they appear in words.

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