What Is the Easiest Way to Make a Shadow Box?


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Choosing a suitable picture frame, extending its sides to add depth and adding a glass front is the easiest way to create a shadow box. Suitable frames can also be bought already extended in craft stores or some department stores.

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If adding depth to a different style of frame, measure the lengths of each side carefully and tack on appropriate wood extenders. Prepare a glass front to seal the box once the appropriate elements have been added. The glass both protects and highlights the display. Bought shadow boxes may have hinged fronts for easier display creation and upkeep.

If necessary, add extra backing to the box using cork or other material as appropriate. A design or theme can be added at this point using a backdrop or patterned paper. If there are heavy items to be included in the display, small shelves may be added. Once the frame is complete, place the items to be displayed in an attractive manner, pinning or fixing them firmly in place.

Depending on the materials of the frame, pins, tacks or brooches may be used, but lighter pieces can be glued in place if required. Some items may need additional support, so finding small, decorative braces can be useful.

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