What Is the Easiest Way to Make Haunted House Props?


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The easiest way to make haunted house props is to look for things you already have at home. Common household items like hangers and sheets can be used in props. Buy whatever else you need to complete the prop at a hardware or retail store.

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One idea for a haunted house prop is to make fake guts. These can be positioned to look as if they are falling out of a body or clothing and require little more than a couple of cans of items used to repair and decorate the home. Purchase a can of expanding spray foam insulation and at least one can of spray-on paint. Spray the foam onto a cardboard surface to create several pieces of varying lengths. Aim to make shapes that resemble human parts like intestines. Once dry, spray the foam pieces with red paint. You can apply a general coat for a basic look or add touches of brown and other shades in the creases for a more realistic look. The pieces can then be removed from the cardboard and placed inside a pant leg or other piece of clothing. Toss the foam guts and clothing with splashes of fake blood bought from a costume store or a solution you've made at home with dye.

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