How Do You Earn the Razor Angel Tattoo in "Planescape Torment"?


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The Razor Angel tattoo can be made from the Razor Angel Ink, which is found by helping out the Razor Angels in the Alley of Dangerous Angles. This tattoo is not available to players who choose an evil alignment.

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  1. Get to the Hive

    Razor Angel Ink cannot be obtained until you've accessed the Hive. In the Alley of Dangerous Angles you'll find rival gangs at war: the Razor Angels and the Darkalley Shivs.

  2. Align with the Razor Angels

    You can join either gang, but you must align with the Razor Angels in order to get this tattoo. Find the ruins just to the north of the center portion of the Alley. Inside, you'll find a character named Blackrose who asks if you are on the side of good or evil. If you respond that you're on the side of good, he'll give you a quest to kill the leader of the Darkalley Shivs, Rotten William. You can also get this same quest from Krystall, leader of the Razor Angels.

  3. Kill Rotten William and Blackrose

    Rotten William is in the southeast corner of the Alley. After he and his goons are killed, return to Krystall and she'll ask that you kill Blackrose as well. Once both are dead, Krystall will give you the Razor Angel Ink.

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