How Do You Earn Money by Testing Video Games?

How Do You Earn Money by Testing Video Games?

Become a professional game tester by developing a love and knowledge of video games, participating in beta testing, improving written and verbal communication skills, and getting involved in the game industry. Also known as quality assurance or QA testers, game testers play through games before release to find errors.

The biggest requirement to become a QA tester is a true passion for gaming. Testers must have a fundamental understanding of gaming mechanics and a desire to play games for many hours a day. They must understand and appreciate a wide variety of game genres, as this can open up more testing opportunities.

Participating in beta testing for upcoming games is another step toward becoming a paid QA tester. Many companies offer free beta tests for new titles, soliciting feedback from players. Testers who play betas thoroughly and offer useful feedback may find further testing opportunities with game companies.

Part of being a good QA tester is exercising strong written and verbal communication skills. Testers must be able to describe problems they encounter within games and the circumstances under which they arise. Many industry experts suggest that aspiring QA testers start their own blogs or websites in order to demonstrate their writing skills.

Finally, aspiring QA testers can get into the industry by taking internships or applying for QA positions at companies. Prospective QA testers should be sure to watch out for online scams that offer access to cushy testing jobs in return for cash payments. Testers should only seek job opportunities with companies they know and respect.