How Do You Earn Fame in the "MovieStarPlanet" Game?


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Players can create movies, sign autographs, play games and participate in the chat room to earn fame in the "MovieStarPlanet" game. All players start at level zero and increase levels as they earn more fame.

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Many of the activities that give players fame also give them StarCoins, which is the in-game currency. Players need StarCoins to purchase new clothing, animations, music and backgrounds to make better movies and earn more fame.

After players create their personal movie stars, they can click on the New Movie option in the Creative menu to create a new movie. When creating a movie in "MovieStarPlanet," the first step is for players to pick six movie stars to be in the movie. They can choose their own movie stars, the movie stars that their friends create, and extras that the game generates. Simply creating a movie doesn't earn much fame. Players also have to get people to watch their movies on "MoveiStarPlanet," and they earn more fame depending on the number of people who watch.

Playing games and talking to others in chat rooms also gives players fame and StarCoins. There are several chat rooms in which they can participate. The Games section of "MovieStarPlanet" has a variety of games and quizzes for them to investigate.

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