What Is "Earn to Die 2014"?


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Earn to Die 2014 is a one-level video game where players must travel through rough terrain that is covered in zombies to make it to a helicopter where they are lifted to safety. The Earn to Die 2014 game offers a super wheel, requires all upgrades to be maxed out and has an increased difficulty in comparison to the original Earn to Die game.

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The game is played over 3,130 feet of terrain where the player must use vehicles to cross to gain access to the awaiting helicopter. The vehicles can be upgraded throughout the game by earning money by performing stunts and driving specific distances in the game. The farther the player gets in the game, the more difficult the terrain becomes, making it necessary to upgrade to a better vehicle with more powerful guns to complete the game.

To complete the game, the most expensive vehicle must be purchased and be fully upgraded. When a new car is purchased, all previous upgrades are not transferred over from the previous vehicle. The starting car is purchased for $500, and even when fully upgraded, it can only take players about 1,000 ft. The most expensive vehicle is the heavy truck, costing $200,000 and must have all upgrades, including the super wheel to reach the finish line.

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