How Do You Earn Free Chips in the Game MyVegas?

How Do You Earn Free Chips in the Game MyVegas?

Players of the Facebook game "MyVegas" can earn free chips through a daily bonus spin, through periodic email offers and status updates, from properties that they own in-game, and by sending gifts to friends. Players also get bonus chips when they gain a level.

As of 2015, players can spin a bonus wheel once per day to earn free chips. The number of chips increases with the player's level. There are also bonus multipliers for "liking" the "MyVegas" Facebook page, for having a certain number of friends who play the game, and for spinning the wheel multiple days in a row.

If the player has an email address on file, "MyVegas" will sometimes send a link that provides up to 5,000 bonus chips. The "MyVegas" team often sends these emails to promote a new game or feature. Various MGM casinos also post status updates with links to free chips from time to time.

Players can also receive gifts of chips from other players. Sending and receiving gifts also grants extra chips at certain thresholds; for example, when a player has sent or received 50 gifts.

Properties that the player builds in-game also provide chips at intervals throughout the day. Players can build properties by collecting "MyVegas" tokens that randomly appear while playing slots.