How Do You Earn Booster Packs in the Pokémon Trading Card Game?


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In the Pokémon trading card game, earn booster packs by winning battles, earning daily rewards, completing daily challenges or unlocking the booster packs with redemption codes in the online shop. Players can purchase booster packs using trainer tokens and gems received for winning battles.

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The online game provides multiple ways to earn rewards including booster packs, tokens or gems. There is usually some type of rotating daily reward, such as a login bonus or daily challenge. Daily rewards and daily challenges can often earn booster packs.

The Pokémon trading card online game has several modes, including trainer challenge, versus mode, tournament mode and tutorial mode. Earn a booster pack for completing a tutorial. Players earn trainer tokens for winning battles in versus mode. If a player defeats a higher ranked opponent in a random battle, the winning player earns additional trainer tokens. Redeem five card booster packs with 95 trainer tokens. A player can also use gems to purchase booster packs.

If a player has physical booster packs, certain cards have redemption codes to use in the online game. In addition, check websites such as Reddit.com and CheatCodeShack.com for generic redemption codes online to unlock booster packs and theme decks.

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