How Do You Dye a White Piece of Clothing a Dark Color?


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To dye a white piece of clothing, first make sure that the fabric can accept the dye. Ideal fabrics to dye are cotton, linen, silk, wool and ramie, which absorb at least 60-percent of the color. Fabrics to avoid are acrylic, polyester or acetate. Select a dye based on the fiber content of the clothing item.

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Some dyes work on both natural and synthetic fibers, while other dyes may work on one type of fiber. Consider the method you plan to use to dye your item. For example, if you prefer to use a washing machine to dye clothing, purchase a dye that accommodates that method. If you are dying using the stove-top method, purchase dyes accordingly.

Each dye has a different set of directions. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the bottle to achieve the best results. When dying a garment, place newspapers or a plastic drop cloth around your work area, and keep paper towels nearby in case of spills. The process can be messy, so be prepared to tend to any spills before the dye sets. For a creative approach to dying clothes, create custom colors by mixing different dyes together, or layer colors on top of each other using the lightest shade first.

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