How Do You Dye Sand?

How Do You Dye Sand?

How Do You Dye Sand?

Create dyed sand for use in crafts and other projects by placing sand in containers and adding food coloring and water. Use single colors, or mix the dyes to create custom colors.

  1. Arrange sand into containers

    Pour the sand into separate bowls, jars or resealable bags. Use as many containers as needed for the number of colors being made.

  2. Add water and dye to the sand

    Add water to each container, using just enough to cover the sand. Add food coloring to the water, using more coloring for more intense color. Stir the mixture. Alternatively, when using jars with tightly fitted lids, skip the water and add food coloring directly to the sand. Put the lid on each jar, shaking vigorously to coat the sand with dye.

  3. Give it time

    Allow the containers of sand, water and food coloring to sit until the sand reaches the intended color. In general, the longer the sand sits in the dye, the more intense the end result is likely to be.

  4. Drain and dry the sand

    Periodically take a grain or two out of each container to check its color. Once the sand reaches the right color, drain the water from the container, and spread the sand on paper towels. Let the colored sand dry thoroughly before using it.