How Do I Dye My Eyebrow Hairs Blonde?

How Do I Dye My Eyebrow Hairs Blonde?

Dyeing eyebrows at home is cost-effective, but it can be dangerous.'s style guide recommends performing a test for allergic reactions prior to dyeing your eyebrows.

  1. Test the dye

    Apply a small amount of the dye on an inconspicuous patch of similar hair, such as on your arm or on the back of your neck. Check the spot daily to ensure no allergic reaction occurs for at least two days. If the spot remains healthy, it is safe to continue with the eyebrow-dyeing process.

  2. Prepare the eyebrow area

    Apply an ophthalmic ointment to the eyelids and surrounding areas. This helps to reduce the risk of irritation and redness. Keep a bottle of saline solution available to help remedy any irritation that occurs during the application process.

  3. Apply the eyebrow dye

    Use the dye as directed on the eyebrows, brushing the formula on with a disposable wand. Avoid double-dipping to minimize the risk of infection. Wipe off the remaining dye after 10 to 20 minutes of application. Use caution and keep away from the eye area. If dye gets into the eye, irrigate it quickly with a full bottle of saline solution. Use another full bottle of saline solution to irrigate eyes that burn following contact with the dye.