What Are Some Dust or Powder Games?


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Some fun dust or powder games include “Dust” and “Dust 2.” These games are available to play for free on arcade websites such as Dan-ball.jp and Kongregate.com. Players use a computer mouse to control “Dust” and a keyboard and mouse to control “Dust 2.”

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While “Dust” and “Dust 2” sound similar in nature, they are two different games from different developers. “Dust” encourages players to let their creativity be their guide as they explore a variety of elements such as powder, water and acid.

Each element in “Dust” interacts with another in a different way. For example, players can drop powder into the game window to create land. Dropping acid into the game window destroys the land. Players can add in vines that slowly latch onto other objects and grow all over the screen. There are nearly endless possibilities to explore.

In “Dust 2,” players take control of on-screen avatars that they create to kill dust vampires. They walk around using the A and D keys on a keyboard, and they can jump using the W key. Players aim using the mouse and shoot using the left mouse button. The enemies are called dust vampires because they turn to dust once the players destroy them. The game features 60 unique weapons such as swords, lasers, guns and throwing stars.

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