How Durable Is Bonded Leather?

Bonded leather has the same durability as the thin fabric inserted in the final material. In contrast, genuine leather is quite durable due to its solid hide. Bonded leather is less durable, because it is a cheaper, man-made material that simply imitates the appearance of leather.

Bonded leather is not made from a cut of animal hide as real leather is. Instead, it contains small pieces of shredded leather and binding agents. The artificial material is comparable to pressed wood, which consists of wood pieces and adhesives molded into a new material.

The uppermost part of bonded leather is a polyurethane layer. The middle part contains a piece of fabric, while the layer below it consists of a mixture of scrap leather pieces. The back is sprayed with leather shavings. While bonded leather looks like genuine leather, it doesn?t display the distinct color and texture variation of genuine leather. It also degrades faster than real leather. However, it can be a durable sofa material, and it is also easy to maintain.

A soft, moist cloth gets rid of dirt and oil on bonded leather. Leather cleaner should be used to remove tough stains. Alternatively, soaking a soft cloth in a mild nonalkaline, nondetergent soap can help to clean the stains.