How Do You Duplicate Pok?mon on "Pok?mon Sapphire?"


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Pokemon can be duplicated in Pokemon Sapphire, but it is not an intended feature of the game, according to PKMN.net. The trick involves taking advantage of a glitch that occurs in the Battle Tower.

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Since cloning Pok?mon is an unintentional glitch in the game, back up save data to a separate slot before attempting to do it. Go to the Battle Tower in the Battle Frontier with one of the Pok?mon that you want to clone and at least two other Pok?mon that are eligible to fight in the battles there. Use the PC in the tower, and choose Lanette's PC from the menu. Deposit the Pok?mon to clone into an empty box. Close the PC, and save the game. Then, log on to Lanette's PC again. Return the Pok?mon to the party, and then speak to the woman at the rightmost desk. Register any two other Pok?mon that are eligible for the battle. When asked to save, do not respond. Instead, turn off the game. When you turn the game back on and load your save file, you have two of the Pok?mon in the box in Lanette's PC. PKMN.net explains that you can clone up to five Pok?mon at a time using this process, and you can also clone items by attaching them to the Pok?mon that you are cloning.

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