How Do You Duel in Red Dead Redemption?


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There are two ways to increase the chances of a duel in the Red Dead Redemption video game, one of which involves gaining enough fame and spending time in the various towns while the other is wearing the elegant suit while being caught cheating in a poker game. A number of duels are also included in story missions.

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There are a number of tricks and tips the player can utilize to come out ahead in a duel, as well as initiating them on demand.

  1. Dueling on demand
  2.  Dueling will become more common the more famous the player becomes, but using the elegant suit means a duel can be forced whenever the player so desires.
  3. Starting a duel
  4. Once a duel has been accepted, "Draw" will be displayed along with two meters on the right of the HUD.
  5. The duel meter
  6. The blue meter represents the player, while the red one represents the enemy. Whoever fills their meter first wins the duel.
  7. Drawing and firing
  8. The player's weapon can be drawn by pressing the left trigger (L2), or flicking the right analog stick up then down quickly. Shots should then be placed as fast as possible using R1 or RB.
  9. Crosshair color
  10. During a duel, the crosshair will change between white and red. The player's meter will fill faster depending on where shots are targeted, as well as the color of the crosshair when a shot is fired.
  11. Winning a duel
  12. For the best results, aim for an opponent's weapon or hat when the crosshair is white, as this will fill the meter the fastest.
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