What Are Some Duct Tape Games?


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Duct tape games include the group game, colored ball game and trolley. Duct tape games are typically used as team-building activities. Between three to seven participants are needed for each group, depending on the game.

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The object of the duct tape group game is to tape a team member to a wall or tree. Each team gets three rolls of duct tape and a chair. The volunteer stands on the chair against the wall or tree. Each group gets five minutes to tape the volunteer up. At the end of the time, the chair is removed. The volunteer should remain up on the wall or tree for a full minute.

The object of the colored ball game is to stick as many paper balls as possible on a team member. Each team gets two rolls of duct tape and a pack of colored paper. Teams get 10 minutes to wrap a volunteer in duct tape with the sticky side out. Volunteers then stand 8 feet away while team members throw crumpled paper at them. The team who manages to stick the most paper balls on their teammate without sticking them on opponents wins the game.

The object of trolley is to get teammates that are stuck together to walk in unison. For each team, place two 3-inch strips of duct tape on the floor sticky side up. Three teammates line up on the duct tape. They must walk across the finish line without breaking the tape. Successive rounds add a foot of tape and an additional teammate.

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