How Do You Dry Roses in a Microwave Oven?

To dry roses in a microwave oven, place a rose on a piece of waxed paper, fold the wax paper over the rose and place the rose in the microwave with a heavy dish on top of it. Microwave the rose for two minutes.

To dry roses using a microwave, flatten the rose slightly by hand before placing it on a sheet of wax paper. Stack a few paper towels underneath the wax paper to absorb the moisture from the rose. Fold the wax paper and paper towel stack over the rose so that it is covered.

Use a heavy microwaveable dish to flatten the rose completely as it microwaves. Put the rose into the microwave for one minute, and then check on it. For an even drier rose, microwave it for an extra minute, and peel the rose gently off the wax paper.